Stories Unlimited Releases Spooks and Saints: Intriguing Ghost Legends of Salt Lake City, Utah

Aug 18 2015

Stories Unlimited, Inc announced today the availability of a new Book, Spooks and Saints Written by Local Utah Author Cherie Davis.

Stories Unlimited, Inc. joins with Davis Media & Pulishing Corporation

August 1 2015

In an effort to streamline operatons and allow the company to concentrate on what it does best, Stories Unlimited, joined forces with the newly established Davis Media & Publishing Corporation. As a separate division, StoriesUnlimited Inc. will continue to sponser Story Camps, Develop programing and expand into the publishing world. As such, Cherie Davis co-founder of StoriesUnlimited, inc will take the reigns as CEO of the company. This was a big decision, but I believe that this will allow us to concentrate on doing what we do best, helping children and adults with the art of storytelling and reap the many benefits it brings.