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ISBN: 978-1-886046-93-1

Do you believe in Ghosts? How about Spirits? One can still enjoy a good ghost story no matter the answer to these questions. "Spooks and Saints" is a book about the some of the intriguing ghost stories that have arisen in Salt Lake City, Utah. Well known across the world for the "Saints", Salt Lake also is the home to some "Spooks". Thesa are their stories. Some are well known, some more ambiguous, but they are all true. After Decades of research and just as many years in the making, "Spooks and Saints" excites, tantilizes and begs the question, are we really alone?

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Teams big or small can benefit from presentation skills improvement. Motovating stories also help teams have confidence to get over hurdles and deliver on their full potential. Gatherings large or small, Stories Unlimited have programs to fit your needs.

Seminars & Retreats

We teach story telling skills to adults as well as children, but presentation skills are not just for stories. Whether talking with friends, a small gathering or hundreds of people, knowing how to present builds trust and confidence in others. Used in all walks of life to convey ideas and convince others of the validity of them, one must present well to be taken seriously. Contact us for information on how to turn your team into a confident, self-assured dynamo.

Need to get away to recharge those creative Juices. We can help there too. Enjoy the many attractions of Utah or pick a spot of your own. We can bring our programs to you.

Custom Programs

Have a specific need? Perhaps you face a challenge that one of our standardized programs don't quite address. Let us know! We have and can develop something customized to your needs.


Story Camps

One of our core events, Story Camps teach life changing lessons. Presentation and writing skills build self confidence and leadership. Logical thinking skills help convey ideas. Story Camps Change lives, while everyone has fun!

Timpanogos Storytelling Festival

While not our event, we do believe in the convictions that the Festival and the institute behind it promotes. We also have a good time attending! Come to Utah around Labor day and enjoy some of the best storytelers in the country and the region. Click here for more information

National Insitute for Story

The National Institute for Story is one of the Nation's repository for the art of storytelling. Currently located in Orem, Utah, it is able to leverage the technical skills of the area with the artful inhabitants and organizations located within the mountain west.

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Our Amazing Team

Take a closer look into our amazing team. We won’t bite.

Bob Davis

Chief Operating Officer

Bob takes care of the Day to Day operations so that others can concentrate on the Mission of the company,
"Sharing the benefits of Story with the World."

Cherie Davis

Chief Executive Officer

Cherie brings board experience from the Timpanogas Storytelling Festival and the expertise of multiple decades of teaching and performance.

Allen Davis


As CFO and a Graduate of Brigham Young University, Allen concentrates on the Financial wellbeing of the company and that we share our message in the right areas.

Awsome! can't wait to get a copy of Spooks and Saints. Let me know when and where

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